The episode starts with Dander scratching part of the furniture. Dander's owner then awnsers the door and to men come in and take away the old furniture and put a new one in in's place (unwittingly knowing that they accidentally squashed Dander under it). Dander's owned then puts scraching posts to keep

Dander from scratching the furniture, but it fails. She also trys kitty mittens, anti-scrach tape,but her other plans are always faling. After that, Dander then goes to see Tiny Head (with cameo appearieances of Dine and Dash and Cutie Snoot in the club) for help. This advise almost succseeds, but Dander's owner then tells Dander that she got a dog named Von Ripper as "an antie scratch trainer". Jealous of Dander, Von Ripper frames him to get him taken to be declawed. Dander then "claws" his way to freedom. Dander shows his owner Von Ripper's true identity and gets rid of him. The episode ends when Dander is rolled up by a kitty carpet.

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