Mr. Mewser, an effete housecat with tuxedo markings lives alone in a huge Victorian mansion.  We don’t know what happened to his previous owners, but this old soul fancies himself more a sophisticated human than a lowly feline.  He keeps mice as indentured servants, enjoys Parcheesi and loves to watch Mexican soap operas.

Trivia Edit

  • Mister Mewser has supposedly lived in the mansion alone since 1978, when the 'accident' happened.
  • He owns a large collection of live mice, that are to dress up as characters and remain still while he plays with or admires them. He owns 6 cowboys, and Romeo and Juilet.
  • He immensely dislikes leaving the safety of his mansion, suggesting that his previous owners kept him as a housecat.
  • He always walks on two legs, unless he reverts into his primal instincts to stalk prey.

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