Take a walk on the twisted side and you'll find yourself eyeball to eyeball with the Twisted Whiskers gang! Reinforcing pet lovers' conviction that their four-legged friends are really humans in disguise, the Twisted Whiskers characters never fail to find themselves in situations ranging from the ridiculous to the absurd. Wild and warped, each has a distinct personality that sets them waaaaay apart from any animal you've ever met!

The Twisted Whiskers Show is an computer-animated comedy series. The character designs are based on the greeting cards created by Terrill Bohlar. You know; the ones that look like they're being strangled constantly.

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  • Jeff Harter's concept art (1, 2)
  • Jamey Christoph's titlecards (1, 2)
  • James Groman's concept art (1, 2)
  • Games (1)

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