High Wire, High Jinx is an episode from The Twisted Whiskers Show. It's also the series premiere episode.

Goosers is gaurding Claude's yard. When Sinister Squrrell arives he gets Goosers into trouble by throwing acorns on his head. Sinister Squrrell steals Claude's nuts. Goosers retrieves Claude's nuts and is on the very high wire and tries to catch Sinister Squrrell. Goosers accidentally turns on the lawn mower. This accidentally drains the swimming pool. Claude blames Goosers and locks him out of the house for the night,so Goosers cleans up the mess. At the ean of the episode,Sinister Squrrell comes back to Earth and seeks revenge on Goosers.


  • This is the series premiere.
  • This episode some what when Goosers plays a canine version of Wile E. Coyote.
  • This episode marks the first appierieance of Goosers,Claide,and Sinister Squrrell.
  • This titel is a pun on "High Seas, High Jinx"


  • Goosers was able to refill the swimming pool, even though the plug was broken.
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