All that Spaz! is a fanmade episode of the Twisted Whiskers seires.


A cat named Spaz is seen sleeping on a bed in his home. He gently purrs and breathes as his mutters about what he did during the day in his sleep. Spaz is mellow until he hears a scampering sound. Startled, Spaz runs down the stairs to the living room, curious of the frightening noise he had heard. He looks to the corner of the wool and sees a lurking shadow creep by, startled, Spaz chases after it into the kitchen. In the kitchen, the cupboards slam shut as something is hiding in the cabinets. Spaz walks up scared and shaking, opens the cabinet and out leaps a dash of fur which startles Spaz so much, it causes him to faint. Spaz walks up seeing a blurry animal in front of him, when his vision clears up, he sees a small green and yellow bird chirping happily. Spaz gently places his paw out, and the little bird leaps into it. Spaz gently rubs the head of the little bird, the bird happily makes a purring-like sound, Spaz, happy as well, purrs to himself and smiles to it. Spaz decides to adopt the bird and places him on the shoulder, as he heads for the kitchen. In the kitchen, Spaz places a bowl for the bird at the dining table and then shaking a box of birdseed into the bowl. The bird, happily, starts pecking and eating the birdseed. After the bird finishes eating, Spaz gives it a bath by washing him in the sink. He scrubs it with a washcloth and rubs soap onto the feathers on the head, giving it a hairstyle simular to a cockatoo. After drying the bird off, Spaz places him in a cage with a swing and shredded paper. The bird tweets happily a melody and Spaz curls up in a ball, asleep in a flash once more. The bird gently tweets until it is fast asleep. The next day, Spaz goes to check on his new pet, when to his surprise, many types of birds show up in the house (some of the types are parrots, cockatoos and toucans). Spaz, filled with surprise faints to the floor. The bird then looks directly at the screen, and gives a cute giggle with a smile.


This is the first episode to feature the character Spaz.

Ird the Bird appears as one of the birds shown in the house.

The bird Spaz adopts is a budgie, a popular type of bird owned as a pet.

The music in the episode is mellow and relaxing, though with a little twist at some parts.

When the bird smiles, his smile is full of teeth.

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