Dander and Yawp Travel Through Time is the seventh Fan Made episode that was made by me for The Twisted Whiskers Show that I think should be put on Youtube by JitteryDragon.

Part 1Edit

Dander is driving a car with Yawp to save Goosers from Cutie Snoot, but it dies out so Dander and Yawp go to a mantion to spend the night. However,it is actully a time traveling mantion. They end up in Cutie Snoot's lair and they save Goosers, but Cutie Snoot sends out two dorks named Dine and Dash to deal with them.Dander, Yawp, and Goosers get to the time traveling mantion, but Dine and Dash destroy it. Luckally,Tiny Head, Zippy, and Von Ripper rescue our heros in time with a time traveling dog house. Cutie Snoot sends Dine and Dash to get rid of our heros for good.

Part 2Edit

Now here's part two of the fan made episode Dander and Yawp Travel Through Time. Dander says that they should kill Dine and Dash. Von Ripper wants to eat Dine and Dash after they are killed. This acctually works and Von Ripper eats Dine and Dash for lunch! Cutie Snoot then plots revenge by simpally telling Von Ripper's owner that he ate two cats. After that, the gang sends Cutie Snoot to the kitty cat pound. He he. Meanwhile, in a strange yard, two strang paws come out of the ground. Oh no! Have Dine and Dash come back to life? Oh we sure hope not!

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