Season 1 Edit

U.S. Airdate October 10, 2010 - December 1, 2010.

No. Episode title Description
1a "High Wire High Jinks" Goosers the dog proudly guards his master's yard, but when a squirrel arrives he is faced with a challenge.
1b "Fish Market Frenzy" Dine and dash try to steal a fish, but encounter a vicious guard dog!
2a "Feline Fatale"
2b "Lost"
3a "Love Hurts" Goosers falls for Flouncie.
3b "Obey" Claude takes Goosers to an obedience class and Goosers gets hypnotized.
4a "Attack of the Giant Mutant Bunny" Goosers faces a mutant bunny who has its sights on the master's garden.
4b "No Place Like Home" Mister Mewser gets locked out of the house.
5a "Bear with Us" Broken Bear mistakes Dine and Dash for aliens who want to return him to space.
5b "The Good, The Bad and the Cutie" Cutie Snoot enters a beauty contest.
6a "Busted" Dander and Yawp get separated for the first time.
6b "A Tiny Bed for a Tiny Head" Tiny searches for someone to buy a cat with a pinhead.
7a "Cold Case Caper" Dine and Dash break into a freezer filled with fish.
7b "Leaf Me Alone" Broken Bear's prize leaf ends up in Dander's home.
8a "Cambridge Kitty" Cambridge the cat, coaches Dash on bird-catching.
8b "Bubble Trouble" A hungry Dine and Dash encounter a mouse locked in a plastic ball.
9 "Food of the Dogs" Dander and Yawp decide to open a restaurant for pets.
? "Dark and Stormy Night" Dander and Yawp get caught in a storm.
10a "Quiet Time with Tiny Head" A mouse gives Tiny the scare of his life.
10b "Fraidy Cat" Von Ripper's vet says that he needs to relax.
11a "Out to Launch" Broken Bear builds a ramshackle rocket.
11b "Don't Fear the Ripper" Dine and Dash break into a store, but have to get past Von Ripper.
12a "Dad Blasted Varmints"
12b "Flip the Script"
13a "The Whistling Ghost"
13b "Last Wish Fish"
14a "Ticked Off"
14b "Marooned"
15a "Collegiate Kitties"
15b "For the Birds"
16a "The Jig is Up"
16b "The Irds"
17a "Party Animals"
17b "Twister Tyke"
18a "Brain Drain"
18b "Tree's a Crowd"
19a "Muscle Mouse"
19b "Mongrel of the Modern Art"
20a "To Scratch or Not to Scratch"
20b "Nice Dogs Finish Last"
21a "The Big Tuna Sausage Heist"
21b "House Breaker"
22a "Genie of The Lunchbox"
22b "A Dogs Game"
23a "Mister Mewser's Holiday Spectacular"
23b "Road Rage Racers"
24a "Egg on Your Face"
24b "Big Hunka Love"
25a "To Scratch or Not to Scratch"
25b "Nice Dogs Finish Last"
26a "Nature's Call"
26b "The Masked Amigo"
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