Dine and Dash are two criminal cats from "The Twisted Whiskers Show" identified by stealing food.

Dine and Dash often need to get past Von Ripper, a pesistant guard dog, to steal food. They usually end up trying several different techniques to steal food and fail. It isn't Von Ripper who causes their plans to fail though, and instead, Dine and Dash themselves cause their own plans to backfire.This may be because they never planed the things that might happen during their scams.

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Trivia Edit

  • Dine has a short tail and a torny ear, which are common features for alley cats.
  • Dash is known to be dimwitted and not much of a skilled hunter.
  • They are the only recurring antagonists in the seires.
  • Dine and Dash will do anything and everything they can for food.
  • Their names Dine and Dash is for the fact that they dine then dash when their caught.

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